1. That infrastructural, instructional and other facilities will be provided as per the NCTE norms, standards and guidelines prescribed form time to time.

  2. That admission of students, satisfying the eligibility conditions will be made either on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination or in the entrance examination conducted by the State Govt./ University as per its policy.

  3. That there shall be reservation of seats for SC/ST/OBC/Handicapped etc., as per the Policy of State Govt.

  4. That admission to the Course will be made only after recognition is granted by the concerned Regional Committee of the NCTE.

  5. (a) That the full time staff will be appointed on regular basis as per the qualifications prescribed in the Norms and Standards through a reasonably wide advertisement and open selection on the basis or the recommendation of duly constituted selection committees.

    (b) That the part time staff will be appointed as per the guidelines of the State Govt./the affiliating University.

  6. That the tuition and other fees will be charged at rates prescribed by the concerned state Govt./affiliating University.

  7. That the academic and other staff of the institution (including part time staff) shall be paid such salary as may be prescribed by the concerned State Govt./University from time to time.

  8. That the Management shall discharged the statutory obligations relating to provident fund, pension, gratuity etc., in respect of all its employees.

  9. That the Management will make adequate funds available for providing satisfactory facilities and for proper program implementation. 10.That the Management shall maintain (i) and Endowment fund of Rs.5.00 lacs (Rupees Five Lacs only) to be operated jointly by the authorized representative of the Management and an officer of the concerned Regional committee and (ii) a reserve fund equivalent to three months salary of the staff.

  10. That the accounts of the institution will be properly maintained and audited annually by te audit authorities or Chartered Accountant, and will be open for inspection.

  11. That the Management will strictly follow all conditions and norms prescribed by NCTE from time to time, conduct the programmed in all earnestness, and submit itself to inspection by the NCTE as required at any time.

  12. In the event of non-compliance by the Sanjeevani Charitable Trust (name of the society/Trustee/College/Institution etc.) with regard to the norms and standards and any other condition laid down/prescribed by the NCTE from time to time, the NCTE or a body or a person authorized by it will be free to take all necessary measures for effecting withdrawal of its recognition or permission, without consideration of any other issue, and that all liabilities arising out of such a withdrawal would solely be that of the Institution/Management.

  13. That the Management will not cause or allow discontinuation of the Course in any year or for any batch, and that where compelled, it will seek the concurrence of NCTE for discontinuation on the completion of the year/batch.

  14. That the Management has seen, studied and understood the norms and conditions stipulated by the NCTE for grant of recognition to the program proposed and feels that they are satisfied, or can be satisfied by the time of inspection, failing which it would be willing to accept an unfavorable decision.

  15. The (college/Institution) by virtue of the approval given by the NCTE shall not automatically become claimant of any financial grant or assistance from the Central or Stage Govt. or support from the NCTE.
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